Modular Phones and 3D Printing


Imagine that you break the screen on your very expensive smart phone. That’s okay, it happens to the best of us, no matter how much we spend on the also very expensive protective cases that seem to protect everything except for what just broke. Now, imagine that you pull a new screen out of your bag, and replace it within seconds. No tools required. Sounds pretty great, and that’s exactly what Dutch startup Fairphone is trying to accomplish, using modular designs, so that all pieces of the phone can be bought in separate sections.


Just as the name suggests, Fairphone is all about trying to create the most ethically sound device possible. From start to finish in its supply chain, Fairphone uses an open, modular design, ensuring that all of the production sources are coming from places using fair factory wages, and conflict-free minerals. Releasing in conjunction with the Fairphone 2, distributing network 3D Hubs, has released the new 3D Printed phones accessories that will accompany the phone. The sample pieces were printed using colorFabbs’s wood filament, making them some of the earliest phone accessories to be created from wood.  And since the pieces can be created in this wood filament, which is created from a combination of recycled wood fibers and PLA only adds to the ecological bonuses of this budding new technology.

You can check out the introductory video below.


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