Old Camera – New Lenses


            Here is one for nostalgia. Using a 35mm camera for those photos that just seemed to capture life. Well one enthusiast named Alexander Gee has been working on a project for over a year called Lex. Lex is specially designed to integrate newer lens technology with 35mm film. According to Gee, “There is a particular aesthetic to shooting on film that gets lost when you use digital cameras. Like most people, I’m not shooting on film every day. My daily driver is a Sony A9, but sometimes I want to be able to use the lenses I can use with that camera with film emulsions.”


        The Lex is a 3D printed camera body meant to combine the film and lenses, Gee hopes to make Lex devices available through a crowdfunding campaign, and the 3D files will be open-source. This project could appeal to many photography enthusiast who prefer the old look. The Lex can provide the image quality offered by modern-day lenses in combination with a 35mm aesthetics. He and a few others are in the process of reverse engineering the E-mount protocol.

        Lex comes with the lens-stabilizing features of new cameras to the vintage 35mm film look, reducing the motion blur, minimizing the shaking blur. Gee estimates that the prototype’s total cost will be about $450. This includes the 3D printing of the body. He is hoping the get a bit more help he says, “I’d love to see others pick this project up and run with it.” He also stated, “I’ve got a day job and I’m not a mechanical engineer by trade, so there are huge leaps and bounds people with more skills than I could make on a project like this.”





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