PassivDom’s $32K Mobile House

Imagine being able to live wherever you want, off the grid and without electricity costs, for the price of a midsize SUV. Now imagine no longer, because that’s exactly what Ukrainian company PassivDom promises its customers. These 3D printed houses are available to pre-order, with prices starting at $32,000. According to PassivDom, the company’s 3D printed houses can be printed in as little as eight hours, after which the windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems can be added manually, taking the total assembly time to around 24 hours. These compact, eco-friendly homes can then function almost autonomously, generating and storing power from solar panels while also collecting water from air humidity.

All of the intricate 3D design for these homes, which are available as standard or customized models in various sizes, takes place in Ukraine and California, where PassivDom’s high-tech factories are located. A 7-axis 3D printing robot then prints the floor, roof, and 20-centimeter-thick walls of the house from materials like carbon fiber, polyurethane, resins, basalt fibers, and fiberglass.

“PassivDom is the world’s first mobile and transportable house with Passive House parameters,” says Max Gerbut, founder and CEO of PassivDom. “Due to the use of advanced materials and unique developments by our engineers, PassivDom has the highest thermal performance among residential buildings. The walls of PassivDom are as warm as brick. Thermal characteristics are high enough to use 20 times less energy than an ordinary building. That’s why it is possible to realize full off-grid autonomy in a cold climate without complex and expensive engineering heating system.”

Excitingly, these 3D printed homes from PassivDom have just become available for pre-order for customers in the Ukraine and the US. The company says the first of these will be delivered later this year.

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