All Pills Are Not Printed Equal

Today’s Pharmaceutical companies traditionally use a powdered compaction method to create most of the pills that we use today, this greatly limits the ways and shapes in which a pill can be created. Enter 3D printing. The UCLS School of Pharmacy, University College London has created a way to 3D print pills in different sizes and shapes.


But why does that matter? We all understand that the surface area of a shape can affect how quickly something can be dissolved, the larger the surface area, the faster it breaks down.  Using this 3D printing technique to create pills with different surface area-to-volume ratio can change how quickly someone can absorb the pill they are taking.

In this way 3D printing has created a change which may cause big pharmacy to re-think how they process and produce pills. Helping to inspire innovation in a way that can help save lives is just another way in which 3D printing is changing the world.


Glatter, Robbert, Md. “Why Shape Matters: The Rise Of 3D Printing In Pharma.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 1 June 2015. Web. 02 June 2015.

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