First Playable SLA 3D Printed Electric Violin


It isn’t entirely uncommon to have instruments 3D printed anymore, but this new Sterolithography printed violin brings a new level of design and accuracy into the mix. Created from a single piece, which greatly differs from traditional violin construction methods, this 3D printed violin is crystal clear and it sounds amazing! Called the 3D Varius, it is created in a see through material; this violin looks totally different from anything you have seen before, though its design is based on a Stradivarius, a violin style built by the Stradivari family during the 17th and 18th centuries.


The violins creator, a musician named Laurent Bernadac   talked about some of the design intent for the instrument stating that “The goal was to create a unique design, inspired by the shape of a traditional violin, and refining the forms and supports to obtain a more aesthetic design, simpler, lighter and transparent,” Bernadac explains. “Our choice of 3d-printing technology is stereolithography* because of its exceptional printing definition and the resistance of its printed objects.” You can see Bernadac playing the first print of the violin, which he named Pauline, below.



Krassenstien, Eddie. “The First SLA 3D Printed Electric Violin Is Here! It’s Amazing & It’s Clear!”, 07 Aug. 2015. Web. 07 Aug. 2015.


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