The Race is On!

titanium bicycle

The wheels of innovation are turning on the streets of Portland, Oregon. The newly created titanium bicycle brought to you by none other than a 3D printer is taking on a race of its own. The race involves mapping five parts of Portland, Oregon, and the incorporation of aesthetic appeal, design/function, and the implementation of technology to enhance the user’s experience. These technological benefits consist of GPS, Internet radio, social media, news, exercise apps, city guides, and more. Similar to an automatic engine, the bike’s technology is synched through an app called “My Bike”. This app monitors the conditions of the bicycle: tire pressure, light and terrain sensors, and location. It also provides a narrated guide throughout the city according to the user’s preferences.
No texting and driving, no problem! The bike’s handlebars vibrate with increased intensity and intervals to alert the rider of upcoming turns and other helpful navigation tips. The bike’s lightweight titanium frame makes it easy to maneuver and transport. All elements (wires, breaks, shifters, etc.) are encased in the frame.

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