RELEASE THE CRACUNS! / Attack of the Underwater Drones!


Like something out of a 1960’s horror film, drones have become a part of our everyday reality. Thanks to some technological advancements brought about by the 3D printing revolution, these drones have become more durable, cheaper, and faster to produce. Now they are being developed with the capabilities to stay concealed underwater, and we aren’t sure whether that is brilliant or terrifying. Either way this astounding machine is being developed by John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and they call them the Corrosion Resistant Arial Covert Unmanned Nautical System, or C.R.A.C.U.N.S. (Get it?) You can check out the video at the bottom of the page!


These submersible machines can stay underwater for months without detection before launching into the air to complete any number of different missions. Its can function in either salt or fresh water, with its most sensitive components protected by a pressure-resistant 3D printed vessel. Any parts that couldn’t be covered (such as the motors and propellers) are coated in a water resistance spray that is then rigorously tested in different environments. 3D printing the drone has a lot of advantages, such as making it lighter and cheaper, meaning that hordes of these little terrors can be used in high-risk missions, with little cost to replacing them if they are damaged or destroyed. APL’s has eleven different mission areas, all of which operate in the National Security and Defense sector, helping to create some of the coolest unmanned tech you can find, all of it with the goal of making the world a better place. Right?

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