Rogue One 3D Printed AT-AT


With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, crushing box office numbers this weekend, we are sure to see a rise in 3D printed Star Wars goodies, such as a 3D printed BB-8, a 3D printed Star Destroyer, and of course, a 3D printed Millennium Falcon. Disney themselves have sanctioned a giant 3D printed Death Star that is currently being printed in downtown Madrid, and the creators of last year’s incredible Millennium Falcon have returned—this time to give some additive action to the Empire’s side.


Gambody, the 3D printable model website behind the 3D printed Millennium Falcon and numerous other movie and game-inspired prints, has just unveiled an awesome 40-cm-tall 3D printed AT-AT walker, a vehicle used for both ground assault and transportation, that makers can download for $35. As well as coinciding with the release of Rogue One, the 3D printed, four-legged attack vehicle is also a perfect print for the season: if you’re having snow right now, you could actually take your 3D printed walker outside to reenact the Battle of Hoth.


The 3D printable AT-AT model was created by Gambody guru Elyiot using Autodesk Maya, and stands 40 cm tall and almost 50 cm wide. That, understandably, makes it a pretty demanding print job. The walker consists of 75 3D printed parts, and requires around 1.5 kg of 3D printing material to print in full. When the Gambody team made their version, printing took almost 100 hours, while another 30 hours were required for removing supports, assembly, and painting.

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