Scribbler Duo 3D Printing Pen

Advertised as a pen that can “draw in the air,” the Scribbler was primarily aimed at kids and younger teens, getting them interested in design and the fundamentals of 3D printing technology in a fun and accessible way that would stimulate their imagination as well as improve their spatial awareness and motor skills. The Scribbler pens work in a similar way to a 3D printer nozzle, extruding plastic filament at high temperatures. After being forced through the end of the print head by a motorized feed mechanism, the molten filament then cools to solidify in place, eventually forming a 3D shape. The only difference is that instead of being controlled by a robotic arm, which is programmed by a CAD design to move along three axes, the printer head is controlled by a human hand and it can be moved around in whatever way they choose.

The Scribbler is a great way to introduce people to the basic mechanics and materials of the 3D printing process, without them having to learn how to use any complex software or tackle any unwieldy hardware calibrations and configurations.There are now a few different variations of the Scribbler pen available, including the Scribbler Nano and the Scribbler V3. The latest development of the product, the Scribbler DUO, expands the possibilities of the Scribbler by adding a second nozzle. The dual nozzle set-up allows the user to create a 3D object twice as fast, extruding two filaments at the same time. It also allows for the combination of different color filaments in the same 3D structure. As usual, the pen is compatible with a wide range of different filaments, such as ABS, PLA and other varieties. Filament is available on the Scribbler website.

As well as the second nozzle, several other modifications have been made to the Scribbler DUO, primarily as a response to customer feedback regarding how the product could be improved. Users now have complete control over the temperature of extrusion as well as the feed rate of the filament, with just a touch of a button or the turn of a dial. There is a miniature LED screen on the pen, which indicates the temperature and other crucial information about the process. The pen is now more ergonomically designed, with a sleek outer casing that will allow for easier and more accurate penmanship.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Scribbler DUO states that the project has a pledge goal of $15,750 and well over half of this already been raised. An Early Bird pledge of $60 or more will get you your own Scribbler DUO 3D pen, with $85 or more also getting you 500 feet of PLA filament. The regular price for the pen is $99, and there are also various package deals available if you want to get your hands on multiple units. Check out the Kickstarter page here.


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