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Back in my public school days, we had an advisory class about once a month.  This class was filled almost entirely with pointless surveys and free time.  Every few classes, however, the teacher would start a conversation about our futures, asking if we knew what we would do with our lives.  This class had all ages of high school kids in it.  Of them, only four of us had any answer to what may lay ahead and two of those were generic “doctor because my mom told me so” ones.  It still amazes me how few students look beyond the track they’ve been placed on, and that is why programs like Dream It Do It have become integral to a steady flow into the workforce.  Dream It Do It is “an initiative that showcases the incredible career opportunities available in manufacturing to the emerging workforce,” and they operate under OK 2 Grow.  One of these showcases is the Pathways Fair held regularly at schools in and around Tulsa, OK. It has been a privilege for Professional Image 3D to be a sponsor of Dream It Do It and their Pathways initiative, as the field of 3D printing and design is speculated to become one in the highest demand.  It warms our hearts to see our display commanding the interest of so many kids during the most recent fair at Owasso High School.

photo 2

This initiative, set to inspire kids onto a clear path, aligns well with the goals of this blog.  Inspiring Innovation is our key theme and we plan to continue showing support to our future by participating in events like the Pathways Fair, including the upcoming one at Edison High School on February twentieth.
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