SmartShoes using 3D Printing


A low-cost airline EasyJet has introduced Smart Shoes that can guide travelers to their destination when they lose directions. This shoe gives the traveler wearing them signal via vibrations, these vibrations from the left or right shoe indicates that you should to make a left or right turn. If one were to miss his/her turn the shoe vibrates two times to let you know you have missed your turn, opposed to if you have found your destination it vibrates 3 times.

These shoes are fitted with miniaturized Arduino clone, low-energy Bluetooth transmitter, and vibration motor all placed in a 3D-printed casing inside the shoes sole. The Bluetooth transmitter connects with the shoe with a smartphone app, using google maps and google maps direction API’s as a basis of its own navigations. This app can run in the background, which means the travelers can enjoy the city without the use of their smartphone as a GPS.

Pultarova, Tereza. “EasyJet’s GPS Smart Shoes.” Engineering and Technology Magazine. Engineering and Technology Magazine, 13 May 2016. Web. 1 June 2016.

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