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Whether you take your bionic kool-aid in Robocop, Inspector Gadget or the Six Million Dollar man, it has long been the fantasy of humanity to be able to easily replace lost limbs. Thankfully, the world of prosthetics and (apparently) bionics, have taken great strides forward in recent years. The YouBionic especially has had a long journey of a product that climbed from a simple rudimentary concept to the fully functioning prototype shown below.

The YouBionic works using bio-mimicking muscle sensors that work off of Arduino software. Translated into English, that means that the YouBionic can take commands registered from the muscles in your forearms or biceps and translate them to send different codes and grips into the robotic hand. As per everything we talk about, none of this would have been accomplished without the help of 3D printing.  The team at YouBionic saw 3D printing as the only choice for their designs, as they needed to be both flexible and complex enough to maintain the wiring. “We are very excited about what this technology is capable of and we want to believe in it now, as its strengths are in the geometric construction potential and the ability to optimize the price of single, unique, bespoke products,” states the YouBionic team. By inspiring innovation in the world of prosthetics and bionics 3D printing is helping to improve the quality of people’s everyday lives in a lasting way.


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