Tinkerfest 2017 a Success

               The crew at ProImage 3D had a blast last Saturday at Tinkerfest hosted by the Science Museum Oklahoma in OKC. We would like to thank the staff at the museum for inviting us to participate in the event and allowing us to help teach others about 3D printing and scanning. The turnout exceeded our expectations and we were blown away by all of the fun and exciting things happening at the event, including rocket launches and cardboard cities.

                We were able to bring our fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer with us and print off a few tugboats to hand out to the kids, as well as a few bat bookmarks. We truly enjoyed seeing how fascinated everyone was with what we were doing– parents and children alike! We hope to be back next year with even more activities for everyone to participate in and we’d like to thank everyone that came out to see us! 

ProImage 3D’s Rick Radford (right) and guests of Tinkerfest

ProImage 3D’s Danielle Reiss (Left) and guests of Tinkerfest

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