Using VR to Train Surgeons


Aimed at training surgeons and doctors, the 3D Systems line of VR technologies allows users to practice and perfect surgical procedures in an advanced VR environment. The new functionalities place trainees in a virtual operating room that is both realistic and immersive, with the goal of enabling better surgical preparation and team training.

The new Virtual Reality Operating Room (VR OR) encompasses several environmental elements that exist in an actual operating room, but were previously unavailable in most VR simulations. VR OR now includes a virtual patient, an operating room team, simulated equipment, and perhaps most impressively, realistic auditory diversions that physicians would encounter in a real-life surgery scenario.

Comprising a core component of 3D Systems’ healthcare product lineup, the new and improved VR OR is expected to provide a thorough and more effective training experience. General Manager of Metals and Healthcare at 3D Systems Kevin McAlea has commented: 

“The addition of 3D virtual reality to our simulators represents the next step in advancing medical training for an enhanced immersive learning process that helps to deliver better procedural outcomes.”

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