Verasion 3 of the 3D Doodler!

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Not too long ago, printing an object that was 3 dimensional seemed more like science fiction than reality. But for the past decade, 3D printers have been used worldwide to create just about everything you could think of from robot parts, to medical devices, to dentures. However, 3D printers aren’t always simple to operate due to the required technical software or a good knowledge of design. For people who lack technical skill, a company by the name of 3Doodler has transformed your standard 3D printer into a pen. This pen allows people to draw 3D models or designs freely in midair without any computers or software. In many ways the 3Doodler pen works, similar to a hot glue gun, the heating element melts the plastic traveling through the nozzle. But the glue gun uses a hand pump to push the plastic out of the nozzle which can make it clumpy, the real challenge for 3Doodler was making the pen that flows out plastic more smoothly than your avenge glue gun.


With 3Doodler running heat from 355 up to 460 degrees F, most of the plastic would melt but would take a longer time for the plastic to cool down, and this could be harmful to children. So the inventors ran a successful Kickstarter to raise money to improve this project. Collecting over 2.3million the pen is now on its third version known as 3Doodler Create, which has been used for wallets or works of art. The 3Doodler Create far exceeds its older versions with a 127 degree F maximum temperature making this pen more accurate and safe for children to use without causing burns on the skin. The recent pen they have the 3Doodler Start is for children from ages 8 and up, it comes with rechargeable battery and 16 different colors which is ideal for classroom uses as well. The company is amazed with how far their product has come, and hopes that 3Doodler pens enhance STEM education across the globe.

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