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3d printed wind turbine
Omni3D, a Polish 3D company, is propelling the winds of change with a 3D-printed wind turbine. The turbine is referred to as AirEnergy3D project. This “project” is such that the possibilities of use are virtually endless. The turbine has a usb port to charge cellular devices, laptops, multiple light bulbs… you name it. Provided enough energy propulsion, the turbine can even be used as a power generator for an entire household or business! The turbine is foldable and customizable for easy storage and use and fits into a backpack! The AirEnergy3D turbine has a basic kit with 3D-printed parts and just a few electrical parts. The team is selling units for $350 each on Kickstarter to raise funds to finish the design and to establish production for preassembled kits. AirEnergy3D is not pursuing a patent to allow for anyone to build their own 3D-printed, ecologically conservative power generator. Omni3D stated “we know 3D printing is more than just a cool gadget for your desktop. We want to show how it can actually improve our lives today”.

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