World’s First 3D Printed Bridge Begins Construction


Several months ago we wrote a blog covering how two 3D printing arms could work together to build bridges. This startup has no need for structural supports of traditional 3D printing, forgoing the old 3 axis building platform, and using a 6 axis technique that takes advantage of advanced welding tools and software. Now, the first bridge of its kind will stand in Amsterdam, a city made famous for its progressive culture and technology driv en research institutes.


The printers’ developer, Dutch startup MX3D  says that the bridge was inspired by architecture throughout San Francisco and that it was designed in-house by Joris Laarman, one of the developers. The team spoke of the project stating that the next logical step was to print a life-size functional bridge to show-case the amazing new technology had created. In theory the machines could “immediately lay a bridge over the River Ij, but let’s try it first on a slightly smaller place,” stated the CTO of the company. The bridge couldn’t be constructed on-site due to heavy tourism traffic in the area. Instead, it is being constructed on the northern docks of the city, where denizens can check in every Friday to view its progress. Construction is scheduled to be completed in three to four months.


You can see some of the incredible videos below.

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