WOW! Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Our motto at Professional Image 3D is to “INSPIRE INNOVATION”. It thrills us to see stories of innovation birthed from the mother of necessity and brought to life to enhance the lives of others! We like to share ‘Inspired Innovations’ happening in the industry that we find particularly noteworthy with our followers.

Speaking of birth and mothering, one such 3D innovation comes in the form of a hybrid plastic/ glass baby bottle. WOW! Why didn’t I think of that? How many in times your life have you said that to yourself? There you are- strolling through daily life- when a product catches your eye that is so simple, so elegant in design, that you just can’t believe how you didn’t think of it yourself! Christine Barlow, a mother of two, has done just that. How did she get her idea to market? Christine utilized 3D prototyping, which eliminated potentially costly mistakes. Cost-effective efficiency is what 3D prototyping is all about!

“If I hadn’t prototyped, I would have ended up giving my first set of drawings to a manufacturer and really would have ended up with a mess!”   -Christine Barlow

Now, how many times have you seen a product that you had envisioned and somehow felt that “THEY” (whoever ‘THEY’ are) stole your design right out of your mind? It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. We all have different product ideas. Unfortunately, many of these great ideas have never seen the light of day. The 3D printing revolution is providing new possibilities for those willing to embrace the technology to make their idea a reality. Join us. Become part of a revolution that Inspires Innovation! 3d printing 5phases group Infant Safe Baby Bottle

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