A Five Year Olds First Pitch


Hailey Dawson was born with Poland Syndrome a disorder that causes children to have missing or abnormal muscles on one side of their chest wall. Many children like Hailey are also born with abnormalities of their hands, making it difficult to control them without the help of prosthetics. We have already covered some of the advancements in prosthetics prototyping, but this is a story of how five year old Hailey used her 3D printed hand to throw the first pitch at the Orioles baseball game.


These kinds of prosthetics can be expensive, especially with children where they outgrow them and need replacements every few years. Which is where 3D printing has also come in handy, working with the University of Nevada, they have helped create a cost effective and functional hand for Hailey to use. Hailey’s hand is based on the Flexy-Hand 2 project, and anyone can download plans for the customizable hand on Thingiverse, and on the 17th she got the chance to test her new arm, which was appropriately decorated to throw the opening pitch at her favorite team’s game. You can see the adorable video below.

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