You have never seen car rims like this.

                For auto aficionados their car rim is the most popular part to customize. Well… Marco Mattia Cristofori a product designer decided to demonstrate the benefits of 3D printing, so he created his own hubcaps called “Terra Chair”. Spotting its bold branch like design not being limited to just one line like most wheel rims, it has a fluid and organic look. The branch design is not just a striking aesthetic it is a functional, stabilizing feature.

                 With conventional injection molding a design like this would be almost unheard of, being tricky to visualize not knowing how it would fit in the tire. However, with 3D printing you can test it in the design phase before an injection mold is ever made, saving thousands of dollars in prototype tooling cost. No need to worry about having to retool every iteration before getting it right.

                The next project for Cristofori is prototypes to help with a vehicle’s aerodynamics.


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