Start to Finish Pipeline

We specialize in helping you bring your greatest ideas into reality. ProImage 3D has a proven track record of helping inventors, entrepreneurs, makers, builders, and designers bring their projects to life. We have worked with both experienced entrepreneurs and newly inspired, talented inventors, who may need a little help being guided on the production process. Our expertise can guide you from the early “Napkin sketch” phase of your idea, to pre-visualization, all the way through to in store packaging. Your project will be covered under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so you can rest assured knowing that your product idea will remain 100% confidential throughout the process.


Work with us from ANY Location.  

We have worked with inventors from all over the country on a wide array of projects to develop their unique products. Whether your in a beach hut in California, a ranch in south Texas, a town house in New York, or vacationing in the Bahamas, by taking advantage of technology in the modern age we can communicate ideas, brainstorm through group meetings, screen-share to discuss revision cycles, and even privately host 3D models and mock-ups to share with your investors. We understand that communication is vital to keeping your projects on track throughout the development process. ProImage 3D has created the perfect workflow no matter the global distance.


A Network of Assistance

ProImage 3D is connected with a large network of manufacturers, patent attorneys, and packaging specialist, who are all committed to making sure that your final product is the best that it can be.  We understand that the process of product development can be overwhelming at times, and it is rarely a straight path without its surprises. We will help you find the contacts you need to get your product ready for market.

Experienced Designers

You will work side by side with our team of experienced designers. Whether your project is mechanical in nature, more organic and artistic, or somewhere in between, we will match you with the best qualified technician to develop a workflow that best suites you. This includes deciding whether you would benefit most from scanning for reverse engineering, or if you’re ready to begin printing your first prototype, or even moving on to in store packaging. No matter where you are in your project cycle your designer can help.

See how Our Easy Process can help with moving your project forward.