How do I get started?
The simplest way is to to submit a quote request where we also ask some basic questions about your project. You can also upload a .STL file for us to talk to you about the next steps.

What files types do you accept?
We prefer .STL files, which can be exported from any standard CAD software. You can find instructions on that process here. However, we can convert .STEP and .IGES files to the .STL format if needed.

Can I receive a quote before beginning?
Of course! We'd actually prefer it. We can quote your scanning and design projects once we have a good understating of your expectations this is usually given as a low to high range of time. 3D printing quotes however require us to have the CAD model geometry. Each printing process uses a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the build/support materials as well as the time required to print the part. With this information we can give you an exact quote. You can submit a quote request here.

Why should I choose you over another provider?
ProImage 3D is not a hobbyist 3D print service provider operating out of a basement. Our SOLIDWORKS certifications include Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional, Mechanical Design, with advanced certifications in Mold Making, Weldments, Surfacing, and Drawing Tools.

How do I receive my item?
Upon completion, we will ship your item to you via FedEx or UPS. You can chose a preferred shipping rate if you'd like to receive your item faster.

How much does it cost?
Cost will depend on a number of variables - mostly size, material, and complexity. The simplest way to know is to start with a quick quote.

How accurate are prints?
Accuracy of the printed parts is a threshold that we determine at the project onset. We can print in a tight machine tolerance of 0.004” but this slows down the print time and increases the cost. We can also print in economy mode to save time and cost at the expense of being slightly less accurate. We want you to be thrilled with your prototype print and will ask several questions about your project before printing to be sure we have the best fit for material, turn time, and budget.

How accurate are laser scans?
Depending on the scan mode of operation, .0012" -.015".

How big or small of an item can you print or scan?
Printing: can be tiny as long as the wall thickness will support. See our portfolio for example of tiny printed parts. The largest 3D prints we can do in FDM has to fit into a 36” x 24” x 36” build tray.
Scanning: Items the size of a quarter can be scanned with certain limitation. We have scanned other items the size of a motorcycle. (see portfolio)

Do you only work with large companies?
We work with everyone from large companies to individual entrepreneurs.

How do I pay and when is payment due?
Payment is required before services are performed unless we have arranged credit terms. For quotes with both low and high estimates based on project completion time, only the quoted low end needs to be secured. Upon completion, final payment is required to receive final files and assets.

Are the materials food-safe?
There are many variables to consider here. Please contact us to discuss directly.

More Questions? Please contact us directly - we're happy to guide you through the process!