What Industries Are Using 3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing used to be a pricey, complex tool utilized only in niche markets. But today's packaging designers, graphic artists, mechanical engineers and industrial designers are using 3D printing to make their designs stand out from the rest and at much cheaper costs.Industries2

What industries are using 3D printing? What industries are not would be a much shorter list. From architecture to aerospace, virtually all industries are touched by the additive manufacturing process. Music, entertainment, medical, education, consumer products, defense, clothing, jewelry and many more. In a highly competitive business environment, getting your product to market quickly and accurately the first time often determines success.

How Our Services Can Help Your Industry

If a picture is worth 1,000 words… how many words is a working prototype worth? In the past, the cost of creating a 3D prototype was rarely in the design cycle budget. Today, 3D prototyping has become more affordable, allowing design iterations to be seen immediately. This creates a better product and reduces the time to market.  Successful designers today express their ideas to clients not just with a 3D picture on a screen or a fancy 2D color print. They express ideas with a working prototype that accurately conveys the form, fit, and function of their design. Virtually all 3D printing industries now utilize the additive manufacturing process in their design cycle. Identifying problems before mass production reduces costs significantly on manufacturing re-tooling and needless delays getting your product to market faster. Finished surfaces, complex shapes and fine details are what create a solid, error-free prototype.

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