3D Printed Jewelry Prototypes

For this month of February, the 3D design team here at Professional Image has been working on a few jewelry designs, and we think that they’re just about fit for the next Valentine’s Day.


Double Silver NecklaceSilver Arrow Necklace








These designs were polyjet printed at our production facility as a part of our perpetual initiative to learn and practice our craft.  We printed them in a clear abs-like material, roughly half of them with a matte finish, and the rest in a gloss.  They were painted or stained experimentally, with many combinations of design, machine finish, and various paint coats being tested.  In the end, the thirteen best necklaces secured proud places on the fridge (Professional Image Facebook page) and can be seen there now.  These necklaces are prime examples of how useful it can be to print many iterations of a physical design in order to test for popular trends and find discrepancies early in the manufacturing process.  Too often, problems will go unnoticed in a traditional process until more resources are pledged.  If these designs happened to inspire any ideas for jewelry design work you would like to have tested, feel free to let us know.  This one was a fun project, and we would welcome another like it.


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