3D Printing On and of Glass


HP is looking to expand their printing product lines to include 3D printing- on glass. HP is set to launch its first 3D printer in October. Although the technology to print on glass is not yet polished for market, HP continues their attempt to integrate glass into 3D printed shapes usually comprised of metal and/or plastic. As unusual as glass may be, it is suggested that it may make printing complex shapes easier to produce.  It goes without saying that a glass substrate would offer an entirely new line of products made available for duplication and production via 3D printing. While HP is focused on developing a technology to print on glass; there is actually a 3D process that prints using a glass-based substrate. The glass substrate used is not transparent; it’s white. Recycled glass powder is mixed with a binder that holds the shape of the desired object while layers are stacked atop one another in the printing process. The object is then baked in a kiln at 750 degrees Celsius wherein the binding material dissolves and the glass fuses together. Afterwards, any residual powder is swept off the final product.


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