Drawing People

A few months ago we did an article on 3Doodler Pens, a cool little device that allowed the users to “draw in 3D using thermoplastics. But how far can you take the device? Since its inception in 2013 we have seen wallets, or clothes, and even small complex vehicles, but our robotic friend aptly dubbed Voight, takes the cake.


Partnered with GMC , Justin Mattarocchia has created a robotic form and skeleton using the 3Doodler pen, starting with the basic skeletal structure Mattarocchia has given Voight the ability to speak, and even see. Plans for this guy are growing even bigger as Just Mattarocchia plans on adding organs, and even a heart. This is just another example of how 3D printing is helping to inspire innovation and to truly shape the world of tomorrow.




Krassenstien, Brian. “3D Printed Humanoid Robot Can Talk & See, Thanks to GMC – Heart & Organs Are Next.” 3DPrint.com. 3Dprint.com, 21 June 2015. Web. 26 June 2015.

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