Innovation in the Liquid State

Gallium Alloy

Three Chinese scientists have formulated a printable liquid metal. This material is classified as a “transparent conductive film”, or clear electronic circuitry, composed of indium and gallium. Gallium mimics iron ions, has trace elements of zinc, and ore melts at room temperature. Indium is a post-transition metallic element. These elements mixed together create an alloy that is transferable at room temperature, making them excellent materials to print on any surface. The liquid gallium is sprayed in tiny droplets so that it may oxidize in order to adhere. This technology is described as cheap and simple with a high market value and easy commercialization. RDIF t-shirts and smart magazines are among the most commonly used products that can be made using this material. The kicker: it can be printed on an ordinary desktop printer! The liquid is inserted and printed as if it were a cartridge of ink. The combination of a 2D printer producing a 3D result bridges the gap between the two technologies, bringing the 3D revolution closer yet to the everyday user!

“New ‘liquid Metal’ Will Let You Print Circuits on Paper, T-shirts, or Even Leaves.” VentureBeat. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2014.

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